Geoff Drummond - Acoustic Guitar


Geoff is a senior nursing figure in Adelaide and a specialist in intensive care. A denizen of the city folk clubs during the week he escapes to his rural property on the weekend to recharge his batteries and write. He has penned some of the finest tracks on Pat's albums. 'Geordie Johnson'and 'The Cotton and the Rose', (from Laughter like a Shield' 1994), Molly and Me' and 'Shoalhaven Man' (From 'The Local Rag'1991) the latter also recorded by the Bushwackers', 'The Busker's Waltz' (from 'Through the Cracks' 2000), 'The House at 21' (From Six Days In December 2001 and 'Namatjira'. from the 'Age of Dissent' His own album, with Michelle Drummond, is called 'The State I'm In' and features many of these tracks.

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